Alisson Becker

Brazilian professional footballer


  • Alisson Ramses Becker, also known as Alisson Becker or simply Alisson, was born on October 2, 1992, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil.
  • He is often nick-named as Alisson




  • On February 17, 2013, Alisson Becker made his debut, while playing for the Brazilian club Internacional.




Alisson Becker role is:



Reason of Popularity

Alisson Becker is famous for his:


  • Exceptional shot-stopping ability
  • Playing style


Alisson Becker achievements are as follow:


As an Individual:

  • The Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper (1)
  • Premier League Golden Glove (1)


Team Achievements:

  • Liverpool FC:
  • Premier League (2)
  • UEFA Champions League (1)
  • FIFA Club World Cup (1)
  • AS Roma:
  • Serie A
  • Brazil National Team:
  • Copa America (1)




Alisson Becker has been involved in various activities beyond football. i-e

  • Endorsement deals
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Technology & Startups



Some facts about Alisson Becker are as follow:


  • As father like son, Alisson Becker comes from a family with deep footballing roots.
  • Alisson holds the record for the most expensive transfer for a goalkeeper.



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