Dušan Vlahović

Serbian professional footballer


  • Dušan Vlahović was born on January 28, 2000, Belgrade, Serbia.
  • He is often nick named as Dule




  • On August 20, 2017, Dušan Vlahović made his debut while playing for the Italian club ACF Fiorentina



Dušan Vlahović is famous for his:


  • Striker




  • Partizan Belgrade
  • ACF Fiorentina

Reason of Popularity

Dušan Vlahović achievements are as follow:


  • Exceptional skills and goal-scoring abilities.



Dušan Vlahović achievements are as follow:


Team Achievements:

  • Serie A Team Success (1)


Individual Achievements:

  • Serie A Player (1)




Some facts about Dušan Vlahović are as follow:


  • Dušan Vlahović can speak in several languages.
  • Dušan Vlahović was also a basketball player before coming into football.
  • Dušan Vlahović pursued his studies alongside football.


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