Spanish professional footballer


  • Sergio Ramos García, also known as Sergio Ramos, was born on March 30, 1986, Camas, Spain.




  • On February 1, 2004, Sergio Ramos made his professional debut while playing for Sevilla FC in Spain’s La Liga.



Sergio Ramos role is:


  • Defender
  • Sergio Ramos is one of the best top defender in the world.





  • Sevilla FC
  • Real Madrid
  • Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

Reason of Popularity

Sergio Ramos is famous for his:


  • Defensive skills
  • Leadership


Sergio Ramos achievements are as follow:


Team Achievements:

  • Real Madrid:
  • La Liga Title (Several times)
  • UEFA Champions League Title (Multiple times)
  • Copa del Rey Title (Multiple times)
  • FIFA Club World Cup Title (Several times)
  • Supercopa de España Title (Multiple times)
  • UEFA Super Cup Title (1)
  • Other International Title (Several times)
  • Spanish National Team:
  • FIFA World Cup (1)
  • UEFA European Championship (1)


Indvidual Achievements:

  • Named in UEFA team of the year
  • Individual alocades
  • Domestic & International titles




Sergio Ramos has been involved in various activities beyond football. i-e

  • Charitable work
  • Fashion & Clothing line
  • Furniture & Home décor
  • Eyewear Brand
  • Perfume & Fragrance
  • Books
  • Real Estate



Some facts about Sergio Ramos are as follow:


  • Sergio Ramos also holds the record for the most red cards in La-Liga history.
  • Sergio Ramos is famous for his large tattoo collection.


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